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Company profile 

Is stereotype thinking blocking your progress?
Can you manage to keep a good position in the market?
Are you facing a high pressure of competition?
Do you need more innovation?
Prepare yourself for innovation, complexity and change!


Idea Creativity Innovation Competence supports the customer when searching for ideas and solutions and provides an efficient opportunity to achieve a clear advantage with the innovation


Benefits for the Customer - from the practice

1. Turnover, Growth, Profit

Doubling of the market-share, conquest of the market, innovation prices, elimination of competition. 

2. New Business Areas

Up to eight times higher turnover than the average contemporaneously-conducted „traditional“ project. Examples for the highest rate of major product line generation in the past 50 years!

3. Speed

Front-Loading forced by the process - 30% of the time or even noticeable less; use of existing prototypes, already available and proven on the market. 

4. Cost Saving

Savings from at least 50% and more. 

5. Strategic Innovation

Strategic Planning for several generations; continuous innovation (for example semi-annual, annual, every 2 years) 

6. High Hit-Rate

Psychologically proven methods stimulate creativity and group dynamics, high probability for a market success. 

7. Development of Innovation Culture

Increase of efficiency in the company to a high level through the utilisation of structured innovation processes.

 8. Solid Consensus

Participation of different hierarchies and competences - identification with the result. Smooth transition between different phases of the project, the effort at the project start / implementation (deployment) is significantly lower.


How can it be achieved:

By wide experience with innovation and by application of high developed idea generation processes like e.g.: Structured Idea Management, Development with Lead Users, Synectics, Idea Pool, Blue Ocean Strategy, and others.