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How do you define your strategic innovation?
You have ideas, which are very promising, but it’s difficult for you to take the decisions?
Could it be, that you don’t get any support for your ideas from the management?

Evaluation / Selection of Ideas and Concept-Directions (Ranking)
…is a process, in which the best ideas are weighted and compared against each other. The decision, which ideas / concepts are followed onward, is taken.


  • You choose only the best direction(s) for your innovation
  • The risk is minimized
  • You can plan your strategic innovation, f. ex. a continuous innovation (semi- annual, annual, every 2 years)
  • You get full support for your project from the management


½ - 1 day preparation
½ - 1 day Ranking Meeting Workshop
½ - 1 day Strategic Innovation Plan
½ a day post-processing 

*The effort can vary and has to be defined for a concrete project.

About the method:

Ranking means developing an order of precedence: The Idea directions / concepts are weighted against each other to find out, which are the best for the planned innovation. The Ranking Workshop gives a clear picture about the quality of the possible Ideas Direction and concepts.

This approach facilitates a strategic planning (Roadmap) for several generations. This is a standard result at good implemented idea generation processes. The product’s directions are reviewed and can be combined strategically and introduced at the market in a logical order.