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Too little resources? Too little innovation?
Are you sure, that your efforts were accompanied with optimal effort?
Changes and complexity increase, are you well-prepared?

Team Coaching during the Idea Investigation
…is a process, in which the quality of ideas is lifted on a high level in a very efficient way, to make the project’s decisions easier and with more certitude. Your teams obtain a professional attendance in order to achieve the best results from their ideas.


  • You have assembled a maximum of information with minimal effort
  • The teams work with high motivation and networking. A high degree of identification was created to bring out the best out of each idea’s direction. It exists a dedication which only knows success.
  • Your ideas are mature enough to take a choice


½ a day preparation workshop (purpose, method explaining and planning)
2 - 3 days Team Coaching – by the hour (depending on the period of the Short Investigation Phase)

*Remark: The effort can vary and has to be defined for a concrete project.


About the method:

There are unfortunately lots of cases, in which the teams either get bogged down in the details, or work aimlessly in different directions. That costs a lot of time, causes costs and leads over the intent.
The Short Investigations have been established to handle optimal with resources, time and risk.