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Did you ever make the experience, that you worked highly efficient, but in the wrong direction?
If you’ve ever reached your aim, how can you be sure that this “place” is the right one?

Topic and Criteria Definition
…..is a process in which you define the topic and the evaluation criteria for a project. This process is handled together with the most important Stakeholders.


  • You know your aim; you are heading in the right direction
  • You know exactly how you can evaluate the results
  • All of the important instances are involved in time; you have created high consensus
  • You reach full support for the project; no comments like:”Couldn’t we have done it in a different way….”


½ a day preparation
½ a day Topic Definition Workshop
1 day Criteria Workshop
½ a day adaptation

*The effort has to be defined separately for a concrete project, respectively can be lower for smaller projects.

About the method (Stakeholder Analysis): 

Stakeholders are these people, who have to live with the results of a project. These, who carry the risk, but also who reap the advantages directly. The most important Stakeholders are involved in the process.

Stakeholder Analysis includes following steps: 

  • Finding out who are the most important Stakeholders
  • Defining the most important wishes of the Stakeholders, their influence and the meaning
  • Creating commitment

This interpretation of the criteria gives in the later course of the project a very realistic and firm basis for the decisions. Due to this, the project reaches a higher efficiency. These proceedings allow / facilitate the strategic decisions.