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Each organization has enormous potentials for innovation: in their employees and in the processes. These potentials are purposely used or can stay to some extent hidden.

Idea Pool
… is an innovation process which involves preferably all levels of the organisation into the active participation


  • You are using the maximum of the available innovation power of your employees, your customers, business partners and your company 
  • Establishing of presuppositions for a pro-active thinking and acting; build up of efficient tools for concrete realization of your innovations
  • Your employees have the chance to materialize their natural demand for creativity; this results in a better motivation and identification with your company
  • Your ideas, concepts and innovations will be clearly visualized. The progress of your projects can be tracked continuously and checked at any time.
  • Gaining the innovation culture within your company


Depending on the existing innovation culture and on the size and the complexity of your organisation, a time span between 5 to 20 days support by i.c.i.c. can be required.

*This estimation is based on the experience from the past projects and will be defined for a particular case.



Idea Pool builds on the insight, that exceptional creative inspirations are approaching to the unexpected moments and can be brought in by all employees respectively at all levels of an organization. Innovation tool Idea Pool:
    picks up these inspirations efficiently
    gives guidelines for the further dealing with ideas
    sets up a management system for evaluation and selection of the best idea-directions
    provides necessary resources to facilitation and realization of the innovations
    visualizes the quality and maturity of ideas - this makes monitoring and making decisions easier


Idea Pool in practice:

Idea Pool is an innovation tool which has found a sheer spectrum of application. It is meaningfully employed in different industries, different sizes and complexities of organizations. Depending on this, simple or more sophisticated versions of the Idea Pool will be used.

We should mention that Idea Pool, in comparison to other innovation tools, is very sensitive to the inner motivation of the employees. Some organizations have managed to incorporate their employees in an efficient and motivating way. They are using Idea Pool intensively and are reaching outstanding innovations with it.
A good functioning Idea Pool shall be set up, used and maintained professionally and with motivation.


The extraordinary creative inspirations cannot be ordered! They come and go.
- Dražen Carić, I.C.I.C. -