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If you are an individual, a small firm, or a global corporation, you need nowadays different thinking more than ever!


Different Thinking in the Business - Successful or outsider?

Dražen Carić…
wants to encourage you to think different and to pursue the different paths.
There also will be some valuable hints available to help you become a successful different thinker.


  • Different thinking – the phenomenon: Definition on the basis of simple practices
  • Types of different Thinkers and why are they important to us
  • How can we think different – several tips for efficient different thinking
  • Methods and processes to the different thinking – a general overview (Synectics, Blue Ocean Strategy, Lead Users Research, Provocation/challenge self-understandable)
  • How can we be successful as different thinkers: The different thinking stands often in the conflict to the linear-thinking environment. How can we ensure a good route to success; Overview on valuable tools (Risk management, Team Profile, Structured Idea Management, Business Case).
  • Examples from the practice and how did successful companies reach a breakthrough on the market by applying different thinking.

Duration: approx. 1 hour + additional discussion