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According to a survey 70% of the employees in a company have already taken the inner decision to quit their job – do you feel, that all of your employees can develop their inherent creativity sufficiently?


„Creativity and Krea Natura“
The hidden force in us and our organisations

Dražen Carić…

shows how the evolvement of the natural creativity in the companies - enables the maximum positive impact on the business results.


  • Creativity and the creative process: description of basics and theory
  • Creativity promotion instead of barriers: What do our companies need
  • Krea Natura: a psychologically established approach to reach the maximum evolvement of creative potentialities
  • Child – adult: How do I achieve free space for creativity in myself: The inner child is an essential part of our creative personality. How can I bring it in harmony with my adult self.
  • Support to develop our own creativity: Stimulation, hints and short practices offer help for the further development of your creativity.
  • Toolbox: Overview of some efficient creativity tools (brainstorm, 6-3-5, Word Association Analysis, 6 Thinking Hats, Warm-up-Brainstorm)

“You can’t prescribe creativity. It is simply there.
We shall learn to handle it, to make it possible.”

- Dražen Carić, i.c.i.c. -

Duration: approx. 1 hour + additional discussion