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What do we need for a good innovation, or to reach an innovative quantum leap on the market: more creativity … or a good structure?


„Structured Idea Management“
Structure your creativity! Ensure the market success!

Dražen Carić…
shows how an innovation process which combines creativity and structure can enable and ensure you success on the market.


  • The creativity and the structure / the child and the adult - the conflict: Why do these polarities usually do not tolerate each other.
  • Structured Idea Management – a process that combines creativity and structure, in order to find optimal solutions: How to join creativity and structure in an innovation project procedure and use them for the economic success.
  • 9 building blocks of the Structured Idea Management: what is to be taken into account in certain phases of the Structured Idea Management. The major contents will be explained on examples: project-briefing, defining the topic and criteria, idea generation, selection of ideas, concept creation, short investigations, checking the ideas on the market, final ranking and strategic innovation portfolio & roadmap plan.
  • Benefits and success story – why does the Structured Idea Management contribute in creating successful products and services for the market

approx. 1 hour + additional discussion