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Do you want to reach a significant winning margin through innovation?
Do you have a demand of new good ideas / solutions?
Do you want to reach your important customers and networking partners directly?

IC&N: Idea, Creativity & Network
…is a process, in which you work on concrete ideas / projects (solution finding) and at the same time determined persons / companies / organizations are connected directly (advertising/ networking).


  • A very efficient approach to find the solutions and advertising, short time is necessary
  • Very good, innovative, unusual solutions, because creativity can develop entirely
  • Highly efficient networking - a close connection between the participants is created; new contacts, where you can reach valuable networks with little effort (customers, distributive channels, experts, suppliers, institutions.......)
  • Very low advertising expenses (only the costs for the meeting & preparation / post-processing


2 days session

 *A general approach has been given here. Sometimes a certain preparation and post-processing is necessary. For example: preliminary talk with participants, preparation of topics, exact planning of further activities after the meeting.


About the method:

Your problem is elaborated in teamwork. Through a mix of creativity, structure and with the appliance of highly-developed psychological methods and through professional supervision / moderation you are simply guided to the aim.
The participants work on precise tasks and in a relaxed ambiance, open and creative together.